Fight against Covid-19: The Massok-Songloulou coucil intensifies awareness

Fight against Covid-19: The Massok-Songloulou coucil intensifies awareness

The populations of Isonjè and Saha are the main targets of this campaign, reason of the ground visite of the mayor of Massok-Songloulou.

Robert Batoum Batoum, mayor of the district of Massok-Songloulou mobilized his teams on January 29, 2021 for a descent in the canton of Logkat, in the villages of Isonjè and Saha.  This descent lived to sensitize the populations of these remote localities on the Coronavirus.  An initiative that follows the call launched by the health authorities to increase awareness of compliance with barrier measures at this time when the coronavirus pandemic is resurfacing in Cameroon.  In doing so, the commune of Massok-Songloulou, concerned with the well-being of its populations, is positioning itself as a transmission belt between them and these populations in the most remote areas.
A descent which made it possible not only to raise awareness among the populations on the devastating effects of the coronavirus and on the respect of the barrier measures decreed by the government, but also to touch the realities of these populations.  During this awareness campaign, the teams of the municipality observe that the populations are victims of difficulties such as the opening up and the bad state of the roads, for the most part non-existent, the absence of electricity, the lack of power.  taking into account the opinions of neighboring populations in the management of the locality.  Topics that caught the mayor’s attention.
During the frank discussions, a single outcome was eyed by the participants, for improving the living conditions of the populations: « the establishment of decentralization ».  By mutual agreement, the different parties will understand that between the structuring, participatory management of the city and the development of the region, « hope for us can lie in the effective implementation of decentralization in Cameroon ».  Decentralization which will take effect with the establishment of the newly elected village committees which will serve as a relay between the town hall and the base.  At the end of these meetings, donations consisting of foodstuffs, mufflers, buckets with taps, hydro-alcoholic gels, soap were given to the populations by Robert Batoum Batoum.
It is with a feeling of satisfaction but also and above all of responsibility with regard to the expectations of the populations whose well-being must be ensured that the head of the communal executive and his staff have left the villages of Isonjè and Saha.  An appointment has been made for a deployment in the townships of Ndogmbog and Babimbi in the next few days.

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