Infrastructures: The new face of Tibati town

Infrastructures: The new face of Tibati town

The works of the Nationale N ° 15 connecting Yaoundé to N’Gaoundéré have radically changed the face of the city of Tibati.

The municipality of Tibati is crossed by the National N ° 15 connecting the capital Yaoundé to the city of N’Gaoundéré, passing through the localities of Batchenga, Ntui, Yoko, Lina.  While awaiting the completion of said works, the people of Tibati are gradually turning their backs on the sad memories inflicted on them by the poor condition of this road for decades.  “The arrival of this road from Yaoundé to N’Gaoundéré is really lucky for us.  You know we are used to saying that where the road goes, development follows « .  “Leaving the town of Tibati was a nightmare.  We welcome these works with joy” declares a resident of the city.  “We were very disturbed.  The road was not good here in Tibati.
Now that the road is already passing, we know that everything will go according to the norm, testify the residents.  Estimated at more than 135,000 souls, these populations of Tibati are enthusiastic.  Beyond the works on the main road, the roads in this town are also the subject of special expectations, says a construction engineer.  “Currently, we are on the streets of Tibati.  We currently have 7.5 kilometers of road.  We are on the lateritic layer which is the foundation layer.  On this track, it misses the bends and the gutters after we go to the 031.5 aggravation after we go to the gabionage « .  The municipality of Tibati is gradually emerging from the dark to the great happiness of the municipal executive whose limited budget has so far failed to meet all the challenges related to improving the living conditions of the populations.  “The town of Tibati that you see today is under construction.  This is to the credit of the Head of State who wanted the section from Yaoundé through Yoko to reach Tibati and even as far as N’Gaoundéré today.  Just yesterday we thought that this road would never see the light of day because this project already existed before I was born.  I was born, I grew up and this is where he is taking shape.  The work is not complete but Tibati has already started to change.  If you come back in a year, you will discover that Tibati is more beautiful than today « , welcomes Dahirou Amadou, mayor of the commune.
This work on the National N ° 15, which initially was 135 kilometers, was extended by 27 kilometers at the level of the Lena-Tibati section and finally ended in the locality of Ngathe.  « We are really happy for the road because before, to travel when the road was in bad condition, we spent days to get to Yaoundé.  But, with this rehabilitation, perhaps in a day, we will be able to go back and forth.  And two, we see that Tibati will develop to bring us a plus,” reveals a carrier.  Carried out by the company Sogea Satom, the work is at an execution rate of 70% for a consumption of 87% of the deadlines.
The base and wearing courses are carried out over 95 and 92 kilometers, respectively, while the base course covers 100 kilometers out of the 174 between Yoko and Ngathe and serves the town of Tibati.  Not only the towns crossed by the road are benefiting from the rehabilitation of roads but also from several related developments aimed at improving the living conditions of the populations and those of the district of Tibati in particular.

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