Local governance: Double recognition for Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu

Local governance: Double recognition for Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu

The mayor of Dschang municipality has received two awards for his commitment and the results of his team since February 2020.

On January 7, 2021, Jacquis Kemleu, mayor of the district municipality of Dschang was awarded the prize of « Best actor in the decentralization process in Cameroon » for the year 2020. Recognition awarded by the Press Association for Promotion and Development (APPRODEV).  An event that took place in the deeds room of the town hall in the presence of the deputy mayor and municipal councilors.
During his presentation, Jean Pierre Sabaté, president of this organization based in Yaoundé, declared that “the first municipal magistrate of Dschang stood out among his peers and other actors of decentralization during this year which has was marked by a health crisis for which it was necessary to be bold and to be a man of challenges to produce the results which are visible in Dschang municipal territory today”.  The second prize awarded to the mayor of the district municipality of Dschang is that of « Best mayor of Central Africa ».  According to Linus Fogap, president of the ‘’ Pan-African Youth ‘’ movement, « the arrival in Dschang of the very first trimodular and autonomous waste unit in sub-Saharan Africa crowned a year 2020 during which the head of the municipal executive will have already marked us through many achievements”.
Decentralization having been understood as a political process of redistribution and relocation of powers within society.  To achieve success, a change in the management methods of public affairs and the role of each actor is essential.  Something that the mayor of Dschang has assimilated.  The results of Jacquis Kemleu’s actions in less than a year at the head of Dschang commune speak volumes.  Operations such as the campaign to improve the supply of drinking water, the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, sustainable access to drinking water in Dschang, multiple funding to effectively address the energy issue in  the municipality of Dschang, through the renovation of the technical platform of the Dschang district hospital and other hospital facilities, without forgetting the hours of negotiation with the administrative authorities to obtain the site and especially the financing for the construction of  the future municipal city of Dschang.
The municipal staff for the first time received their salary before December 20.  So many actions that allow Linus Fogap, president of the “Pan-African Youth” movement to affirm that “Jacquis Kemleu is the best administrator in the world”.  The presentation of these two prizes on January 7, 2021 is the result of a set of efforts and energies deployed to improve the living conditions of the populations of the municipality of Dschang.  Two distinctions that come in addition to the choice made on Jacquis Kemleu a few hours rather as expert on development issues of the communes and united cities of Cameroon (CVUC) by Augustin Tamba, president of the national office of the executive committee of the CVUC.

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