Training: The mayor of Galim offers driving licenses tomotorcycles drivers

Training: The mayor of Galim offers driving licenses tomotorcycles drivers

On the sidelines of his installation as the 3rd degree traditional chief of the urban center of this city, Elie Saker Tshouongang is launching the operation « on motorcycle driver, on driving license ».

For the motorcycle riders of the city of Galim, the driver’s license was the thing less shared there.  Hence the mayor’s gesture.  On January 12, 2021, Élie Saker Tshouongang offered driver’s licenses to 300 of them.  As a prelude to the delivery of the precious sesame, the one who is also President and CEO of the Modern Saker Mill (MIMOS) organized a training course in the profession of two-wheeled machine operator for « bendskineurs ».
To do this, a sum of 4,500,000 FCFA was disbursed by the mayor to finance this operation.  The mayor’s donation enhances the image of the donor on this day when he receives his attributes as a third degree traditional chief of the urban center of Galim, in the Bamboutous department.  A gesture appreciated at its true value and welcomed with enthusiasm by all the carriers present at the ceremony.  These driver’s licenses thus spare motorcycle drivers the daily hassles inflicted on them by community agents and law enforcement agencies.
According to the mayor, « The purpose of this operation to establish driving licenses is, on the one hand, to train transporters in order to reduce accidents on our roads, and on the other hand to secure the populations who use the vehicles.  two-wheeled vehicles to travel most of the time”.  According to operators of this sector, before this initiative set up by the mayor, access to training leading to obtaining a driving license was not easy for young « Galimois ».
“Without the mayor, it would have been difficult for me to pay more than 20,000 FCFA to be trained in order to have a driver’s license.  This training allowed me to know more about the rules of the road, and to improve my driving.  Now I can exercise this profession in the big cities without being afraid.  Me like my other colleagues, we are really very happy of this gesture of His Majesty Elie Saker Tshouongang”, affirms the president of the “Benskineurs” of Galim.  The head of the municipal executive intends to perpetuate this operation called « a Binskineur, a driving license » to allow all the actors of this sector of activity to be trained and to obtain, as a result, a driving license in order to guarantee the safety of populations and reduce the accident rate on our roads.

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