Urban Mobility: Perfect agreement between Minduh and the Mfoundi councilors

Urban Mobility: Perfect agreement between Minduh and the Mfoundi councilors

Respect for the specifications of the Task Force, as a tool to allow the mayors of Mfoundi to help and make Yaoundé a modern city, was at the center of consultation between the two parties.

It is with a view to improving the mobility conditions of users in the city of Yaoundé that a working session took place on Thursday, January 21 in the meeting room of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.  (MINDUH).  During these discussions, it was a question of taking stock of the activities of the Mobility Task Force set up in 2019 and placed under the chairmanship of the prefect of the Mfoundi department.  The goal of this Task Force is to anticipate future mobility problems and especially in a context where the city of Yaoundé is currently the African Nations Championship (CHAN) and is preparing to host the African Cup from 2022.  of nations (CAN).
These works were chaired by Minduh.  According to Célestine Ketcha Courtes, “the ways are not used for those why they were made.  Since then, last year, we have created a Task Force which first addressed the decongestion of the key point of the entrance to the city ie the central post office.  During this meeting, it was a question of putting back on the agenda the activities of this Task Force which will relate to the relocation of certain markets, certain bus stations and allow Cameroon and the city of Yaoundé in particular to prepare more for the CHAN which is currently taking place on its soil, housing eight delegations”.
Present in the room, the seven mayors of the districts of Mfoundi said they were ready to do everything possible to ensure the effectiveness of the various operations selected.  « We are going to have to move up a gear which is relative to the resettlement of a certain number of actors which is creating urban disorder.  We are going to move from the awareness phase to that of repression by having already offered all of these actors dedicated spaces to carry out their activities, « said Jean Marie Abouna, mayor of Yaoundé 1er.
« We still host eight nations within the framework of CHAN, so it is important for those who are already present and for those who will come, not to mention the citizens of Yaoundé and the other Cameroonians who will come from elsewhere, that they can move quickly and freely in the city,” said Augustin Bala, mayor of Yaoundé 5th.  During this consultation meeting, several presentations and exchanges furnished the work and specific recommendations were given to the various parties concerned by Minduh so that the capital looks great.

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