Yaoundé 5 Municipality: The heavy mayor’s agenda

Between the development of communication roads, the promotion of citizen participation and the approval of accounts, July 2021 will have been a fairly busy month for Mayor Augustin Bala.

On July 30, 2021, the first municipal council of  the Yaoundé 5 municipality launched the reshaping works of three sections of roads in the locality of Ngona, namely Abom / Carrefour Ngona, Carrefour Papa Tho / Ngona cocotier and Bilono /La life continue.  On a linear of about ten kilometers, treat the potholes and the quagmires but also to put a point on the drainage of rainwater by creating ditches, deductions on both sides.  Another of the roadway through shaping the various backfills in compacted lateritic gravel, explained the representative of the contracting company.These so-called semi-rural road works, financed to the tune of CFAF 20 million from own funds, are part of the improvement of the suffer of local populations.  The said work is taking shape when the asphalting of these road sections is announced in the coming months.  The mayor, Augustin Bala, suggests that working sessions between the  Yaoundé 5 council, the ministries of Public Works (Mintp) and Housing and Urban Development (Mindhu) with the aim of paving these axes, are in progress.  This is a road project that will start from the A b o m / c a r e f o u r Ngona / Mba-Assane district, and from Nkolfoulou / Mba-Assane, Ngona / Nkoabang crossroads.  Augustin Bala stresses that these reprofiling works launched on July 30, 2021 aim to relieve the sorrows of populations who, in the rainy season, suffer too much mud and too much dust in the dry season while awaiting the start of the announced asphalting works.  In his logic of improving the living conditions of the populations of the 5th district of Yaoundé, the mayor indicates that « these rural populations also have the right to have beautiful roads ».The promotion of citizen participation in the district of Yaoundé 5 was also on the menu of the field actions of the mayor Augustin Bala.  On July 26 and 27, 2021, the caravan for the installation of neighborhood committees and the delivery of sanitation equipment under the leadership of the head of the Yaoundé 5 municipal executive dropped off its bags in the Djoungolo and Nkolmesseng neighborhoods.  The mayor set up eight neighborhood committees: the neighborhood committee of the Shining Man youth association in MvogAda ;  of Djoungolo 6A ;  of Nkolmesseng Sug-Ewondo 1 ;  from Nkolmesseng Bel Air-A and that of the Nkolmesseng Choc district after chef Momebelngal block 3 ;  Momebelngal sub-prefecture ;  Momebelngal public school.  These committees add to the number of those already installed since the election of the mayor in February 2020 for a total of 88 officially installed committees.  The mayor objective is to set up 150 neighborhood and village committees throughout the Yaoundé district 5 in order to promote citizen participation for development.Among the highlights that punctuated the month of July in Yaoundé 5, prominently features the celebration of Augustin Bala, as a worthy son of Mvog-Ada.  An event offered by the large Mvog-Ada family on July 24, 2021 at the esplanade of the Mvog-Ada district hospital.  It was a question for this extended family to stop for a day to thank the Lord for his blessings and wonders wrought on their son.  This celebration had two great moments: the pontifical mass celebrated by Jean Mbarga, metropolitan archbishop of Yaoundé.  In his homily, the man of God magnified the act of faith of the great Mvog-Ada family and invited all the Christian faithful to the urbanization and to the Christianization of the city.The second highlight of the celebration devoted to major events, Augustin Bala received the anointing of the traditional chiefs of Yaoundé 5 and a wooden key given by the college of traditional chiefs of Djoungolo to open all the doors of development and guarantee the good-being of the populations of the municipality of which he is the mayor, to take just this example.  The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of a wooden chameleon, a symbol of the Mayor Augustin Bala’s adaptability to all situations.  A donation given by a collective made up of ministers Philippe Mbarga Mboa,
Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa and mayors Augustin Tamba and Jacques Yoki Onana.  It was the reading of a motion of support addressed to the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, which ended the phase devoted to the major events.  At the end of this emotionally rich celebration, Augustin Bala took advantage of this ceremony to magnify his fathers who in one way or another helped make him the man, the head of the family and the mayor he is today.
This event saw the presence of a parterre of guests made up of ministers, deputies, mayors of the Mfoundi division, deputy mayor, municipal councilors, staff from the Yaoundé 5 council ; the list is too long.The management of municipal financial resources was also in the agenda of the Yaoundé 5 municipal council in the mount of July.  On July 2, 2021, the Yaoundé 5th district municipality held the ordinary session of the municipal council devoted to the examination and vote of the administrative account for 2020. During the plenary chaired by Augustin Bala, the work made it possible to present to the council the rates of achievement in revenue and expenditure of the council.  The receipts reveal a total amount of emissions of 1,524,617,418 FCFA, that is to say a budget execution rate of 68.32%, the sum of the recoveries is 1,524,214,343 FCFA for an achievement rate of 99.97%.  As for expenditure, the fees recorded are 1,606,683,926 FCFA, ie a budget execution rate of 70.45%.  The sum of the payments made by the council is 1 335 203 039 FCFA, that is to say an achievement rate of 83.10%.  Figures appreciated by the entire municipal council and which attest the good financial state of the accounts of the Yaoundé 5th council.

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