Basic education: Recruitment of 3000 new teachers

Basic education: Recruitment of 3000 new teachers

The head of this ministerial department, Laurent Serges Etoundi Ngoa announced on July 30, 2021 the recruitment of 3,000 new teachers at the end of August.
3,000 teachers are in the process of being recruited across the country.  The news was made public by Minister of Basic Education Laurent Serges Etoundi Ngoa during a joint press conference with Joseph-le, Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reform.During this conference, the head of Basic Education announced that he now has 3000 new teachers.  Indeed, these teachers were recruited at the end of the tests carried out as part of the second phase of the third contract program for nursery and primary teachers for the benefit of public primary schools for the 2021 session.  as part of the Cameroon Education Reform Support Program (PAREC), planned for 5 years and valued at CFAF 70.9 billion with support from the World Bank.
This project, which started in 2020, focuses on several concrete actions, in particular the recruitment of 12,000 teachers, at the rate of 3,000 per year over four years.  According to MINEDUB, the tests were carried out in a process well followed by a national jury put and chaired by MINEDUB and MINFOPRA.  The latter announced the recruitment of a new wave of 3,000 teachers by the end of August.  A godsend for the thousands of teachers who knocked on the doors of the Public Service so far.
Liz Ossegue

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