Intercommunal: The rehabilitation of the eastern roads announced

Intercommunal: The rehabilitation of the eastern roads announced

Future work will facilitate the flow of food from crops to border and regional markets.

The issue of opening up communication roads to facilitate the evacuation of agricultural products to the marketing areas that are the city markets is of concern to the town halls of Bertoua 1st, Bertoua 2nd and Mandjou.  The opening up of these production basins has arisen for some time in the region of the rising sun.  To achieve this, the National Participatory Development Program (Pndp) and the sister and neighboring municipalities of Bertoua have just agreed on the shelves to be rehabilitated in order to allow the harvests to flow easily to the town’s markets.The Nganke Bertoua 2 sections, the Mandjou-Gbakombo section in the districts of Mandjou and Bertoua 1er, and Gbakombo-Gounte in the districts of Bertoua 1er and Mandjou are targeted by this rehabilitation.  “We need to decompartmentalize interventions.  Because, we have a lot of potential in common, but the scattering of actions means that the impact is not visible, and that our populations do not really feel the effectiveness of the work for which we are investing for them”, said the mayor of Bertoua 1st Bembell D’Ipack Olivier Cromwell who was taking part in the work.The head of the municipal executive of Bertoua 1er believes that the municipalities concerned have a chance to effectively participate in improving the framework and living conditions of their fellow citizens.  For the regional coordinator of the national participatory development program, Claudine Ashetkuemum, “We must pool our projects for greater impact.  This makes it possible to strengthen the links between the decentralized territorial collectivities, just as the mayors will feel closer to each other within the framework of this intercommunal.  Proof that decentralization is being integrated into the development plans of decentralized territorial communities”.  Omer Solla Pitol, Bembell D’Ipack Olivier Cromwell and Frédérick Jhonny Kassala and respectively mayor of Bertoua 1er, Bertoua 2e and Mandjou have indicated their agreement for the realization of the project.  Rehabilitation work on these sections will begin in the coming weeks.

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