Use of plastic packaging: the municipality of Bafia goes through repression

Use of plastic packaging: the municipality of Bafia goes through repression

Traders caught in the act will be subject to heavy fines.

After sensitizing merchants and users on the use of plastic packaging, for several weeks, the head of the executive council of Bafia goes into the repressive phase.  On April 1, 2021, the first deputy of the town hall, Pierre Ndjocko, representative of the mayor Marthe Félicité Zintchem in Bodio, accompanied by the general secretary of the town, officials of the Environment and Commerce of the department of Mbam and Inoubou, and the forces of maintenance of order, carried out an unexpected raid in the shops and markets of the city.  Checks began in the early hours of Thursday, April 1, 2021 at the Djoumba market before continuing in the shops along the heavy axis and part of the shops and supermarkets of the shopping center.A fist operation which made it possible to flush out three kilograms of plastic packaging that crooked traders had hidden to escape the vigilance of the agents of the control services.  Repeat offenders and outlaws have been punished.  A total of eight minutes were served.  Summoned to the services of the departmental delegation for the Environment, they will have to answer for their actions.  For the first deputy mayor, Pierre Ndjock, “this hunt for crooked traders will continue in the district of Bafia.  It is only at this price that the town hall will succeed in eradicating or limiting the use of plastic packaging which is a harmful factor and pollutes the environment « .According to officials of the Mental Department of the Environment delegation for Mbam and Inoubou, the use of plastic as packaging has a negative impact on health.  “The chemical components of plastic packaging are criticized at the moment.  Bisphenol A, one of the components of this material, is at the center of all scientific discussions about its toxicity.  The increase in some that would be due to plastic particles degrading over time. “In terms of the environment, « in addition to the danger presented to marine fauna (poisoning, ingestion, etc.), plastic waste promotes the transport of invasive organisms.  In addition, plastic pollutes seawater by chemical action « .  For these experts, the municipality of Bafia is an agricultural breeding ground, it is imperative for its populations to respect the measures taken by the head of the municipal executive which aims to protect this population against the dangers of the use of plastic packaging in the long term.  term in the body.  Led by Marthe Félicité Zintchem, the municipality of Bafia has made hygiene and insalubrity its focus.  The populations live in a healthy city where life is good.

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