Bafoussam 2 council: Improvement of school infrastructure

Bafoussam 2 council: Improvement of school infrastructure

Mayor Levis Dieudonné KengniKout is equipping his administrative district with new buildings for the apprenticeship of schoolchildren.

On the ground, the companies in charge of the construction of the Balatchouet nursery school and the Singté public school in the Bafoussam 2nd district are busy delivering the work before the next school year.  The completion rates are estimated at 52% for the Balatchouet nursery school and 41% for the Singté public school.  These figures were made public on July 13, 2021 during a field trip of sectors made up of minepat, mintp, minefop, minddevel, under the leadership of the local monitoring committee of the HImo project in Bafoussam.
The aim of the visit was to take stock of the progress of the work, to ensure that the specifications are respected by the contracting companies and above all to ensure that the work will be delivered before the next school year scheduled for September 2021.  From the summary meeting held with those in charge of the works, it emerges that the works are progressing normally and the various sites will be delivered on time.
Despite the positive aspect that emerges with regard to the development of the site, new orientations have been given on the management of the workforce in order to allow the finalization of the infrastructures before the next school year in September.  After the site visit on July 13, the town hall of Bafoussam II provisionally accepted on July 14, 2021, a block of classes at the nursery school of Tougang village III.  The work is fully funded by the public investment budget of the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development for the year 2021 to the tune of 24,989,196 FCFA.
Speaking during the ceremony, Brigitte Bayom, the director of the said school, honored the boss of the municipal executive of the municipality of Bafoussam II Levis Dieudonné Kengni Kout for the construction of this building which meets the needs of the  whole educational community.  A gem that solves the problem of overcrowding in primary classrooms By receiving these classrooms, the director once again requested the support of the municipality for the water pipeline.  A concern that will immediately be answered by the municipal authority.  Instruction was given by Levis Dieudonné Kengni Kout to Olivier Feudju, representative of the client, to organize human investment sessions to temporarily resolve this water channeling problem.
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