Bazou: Young people trained in ICT professions

 Bazou: Young people trained in ICT professions

Mayor Frédéric Djeuhon takes advantage of the holidays to train teenagers in new technologies.

About fifty young people from the district municipality of Bazou have been taking part since July 23, 2021 in training in new information and communication technologies (NICT) at the Multipurpose Community Telecentre in Bazou, western region.  A training course launched as part of the operation holidays useful in the municipality of Bazou by the head of the municipal executive Frédéric Djeuhon.  It was with joy that these young people were greeted by the agents of the Telecentre.
For the start of the training, the day of Friday July 23 was devoted to the presentation of the team which for several days will be in charge of teaching ICTs.  The day continued with the discovery by the young people of the computer tool then, followed the initiation to the starting of a computer, to the knowledge of the keyboard, to the handling of the mouse and to the management of computer accessories.  Teachers, for their part, show availability and listening, a question of properly transmitting knowledge by responding to the concerns of learners so that they better integrate NICT data.
For the mayor Frédéric Djeuhon, this activity set up by the municipality of Bazou, aims to occupy the young people of the district during this holiday period and to allow them to adapt to modernity in terms of ICT.  « Knowledge of IT and digital technology has become a vital necessity.  It is important to initiate children as early as possible, so that they integrate the uses beneficial to their development, both academically and professionally in the future,” he said.
According to the head of the municipal executive, this training, which is in its first phase within the commune of Bazou, is destined to be perpetuated.  “This will involve making ICT initiation a permanent activity at the Multipurpose Community Telecentre, to which not only young people, but also adults, men and women of the district, who will see there, will be invited.  ‘opportunity to catch up in terms of NICT,” added Frédéric Djeuhon.
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