Secondary education: stir over the high success rate in the general Baccalaureate

Secondary education: stir over the high success rate in the general Baccalaureate

The Minister of Secondary Education, visiting the Baccalaureate Office on August 4 in Yaoundé, received explanations from the top management of the institution on what the public has dubbed the « gift box ».

Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, raided the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office (OBC) on Wednesday August 4th.  Beyond the routine visit that may be imposed by the context of deliberation of the 2021 reviews, Minesec, accompanied by the Secretary General, Pierre Fabien Nkot, is keen to learn more, not only on the information showing ‘a distribution of the Baccalaureate of general education that some have quickly called « Gift Box », but also on accusations of selling results with provision of candidate data to private organizations, grievances brought to against the Obc.
In connection with the high success rate, the director of the Baccalaureate Office, Étienne Roger Minkoulou, explains that beyond the efforts made by the CBO supported by the supervisory authority (Minesec), the elimination of the eliminatory mark, and the competency-based approach are some of the reasons for this.  Because the principle of the eliminatory mark was one of the causes of several failures in the official exams.
Regarding the supposed sale of the results through the number 8070 still called short number, it was explained to the patroness of secondary education that, not only is it ‘an option, but also and above all said option, after having was suppressed by the current director of the Office, was strongly demanded by a number of parents and candidates unable to follow the reading of the results on the radio and not able to access the site of the organization on which the results are published.
From sources at Minesec, Nalova Lyonga left the Mvan district, headquarters of the OBC, satisfied with the information gleaned from a good source, with a promise to have all the results of the General Education Probatory by the end of the week at the latest.  next.  But regretting that the services of the Ministry of Finance (Minfi) having received the statements of payment of fees due to interveners in the various OBC exams, have not yet fully released the amount required for the purposes of disinterestedness of those concerned.
Let us recall that the percentage of success at the Bepc for the 2021 school year is 72.44% against 61.19% in 2020. At the general baccalaureate the general rate rises to 73.37% in 2021 against 47.22% in 2020. The technical baccalaureate recorded a percentage of 86.05% in 2021 against 76.80% in 2020. It should also be remembered that the fees payable and exams for the school year 2021-2022 are payable from August 9th., according to a Minesec press release signed on August 3, 2021.
Lucie Obiang
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