Decentralization: The Western Regional Council unveils its roadmap

Decentralization: The Western Regional Council unveils its roadmap

The president of this institution, Jules Hilaire Focka Focka has just met the administrative authorities and other local development actors in Bafoussam.

Eight prefects of the departments of the Western Region, more than half of the heads of decentralized territorial communities, local development partners such as the National Participatory Development Program (Pndp), the Special Equipment Fund and  of inter-municipal intervention (Feicom) and members of civil society responded to the invitation of the Governor of the Western Region Augustin Awa Fonka, on August 2, 2021, in Bafoussam.

A call aroused and initiated by the president of the regional council Jules Hilaire Focka Focka.
During this initial contact meeting, the first for the President of the Western Regional Council, the various stakeholders agreed on missions and areas of intervention.  And also, this meeting allowed a better vision of the future collaboration between the Regional Council, the representative of the State that is the governor and the heads of the municipalities that are the mayors.  Three presentations on the role of the Council in a region, its collaboration with the various actors of decentralization and with the State represented by the governor of the region helped to educate the participants on these various essential points.

These presentations continued with discussions on conflicts and misunderstandings on the ground between the various actors of decentralization and local development.  The differences have been answered thanks to the general code of decentralized territorial communities.  Appointment has been made for an upcoming raid by the Chairman of the Regional Council on the departments of the Western region.  Jules Hilaire Focka Focka thus wants to mark his area of ​​competence in the field of decentralization and local development.


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