Galim: Élie Saker Tshouongang at the heart of socio-economic development

Galim: Élie Saker Tshouongang at the heart of socio-economic development

Galim: Élie Saker Tshouongang at the heart of socio-economic development
In the department of Bamboutos in the West region, the actions of Élie Saker Tshouongang mayor of the commune of Galim district in favor of the socio-economic development of this locality speak for themselves. In his vision to professionalize the mototaxi activity, the mayor offered in January 2021 300 driving licenses to Galim Moto-Taxi drivers for a total amount of 3,500,000 FCFA. On August 6 and 7, 2021, 1,123 schoolchildren and academics benefited from the bonus donations. For this event, Ele Saker Tshouongang mobilized a total of around 34,000,000 FCFA to accompany and support education. This gesture initiated on the donor’s own funds.

The farmers of the municipality of Galim are not left out. At the start of the 2021 agricultural season, the first municipal magistrate of this town hall offered agricultural inputs, fertilizers, fertilizers, droppings, machetes, hoes, sprayers, boots to name a few. This support has enabled the farmers to harvest very good harvests. In order to facilitate the transport of these products from the fields to the city markets, the mayor has rehabilitated several municipal roads such as the Bâti, Lycée technique…

In the education sector, several school infrastructures are for some under rehabilitation and for others under construction, for example the primary schools of Kelou, Ngouaya, and Ngohoup. The repair work on the fences of the two kindergartens in Galim-ville is in full completion. All these books, which for some have already been received and for others will be received from the next school year for the well-being of the educational community. In the same sawing process, more than 350 tables, benches made and stored and the minimum packages will be distributed to schools in the Galim district from the start of the next school year. In short, the municipality of Galim is ready for the school year 2021-2022. As education is accompanied by means of learning, the municipality has acquired funding for the installation of 100 solar street lights in the district. Work will begin in the coming weeks. This project is an initiative that addresses the many power cuts that regularly plunge the city of Galim into darkness. Also, these new electrical installations will answer the question of the ambient insecurity which is currently rife in this locality.

In addition to the rehabilitation of more than fifteen boreholes in the district, the mayor is gradually adapting to the solar system. In the next few days, a solar pump will be installed at the city’s water tower to provide populations and households with drinking water. The infrastructure sector is not left out, the second and final phase of construction of the ultra-modern Galim bus station has been launched several weeks ago and work is continuing. Ultimately, this project will generate several million FCFA per year in the municipal funds. For the municipal executive, the objective is to broaden the tax base, hence the implementation of income-generating projects. In addition, the construction of the municipal hostel and the rehabilitation of tourist sites of Menfoung, Bamendjin are in gestation. Projects that will boost the image and reintegrate Galim among the real tourist destinations in the Western region.

Notwithstanding the prize for academic and university excellence that Mayor Elie Saker Tshouongang has been granting for the past 5 years to young people in the commune. The chief municipal executive of Galim also occupies young people with internships during the holidays through Operation Galim clean.
Continuing its dynamism, the municipal executive obtained a few months ago the support of the German government through the NGO KFW to manage the flow of internally displaced people from the Anglophone crisis. The implementation of this support is in progress. Given to date, this is more than 75% of the 2021 budget investment plan for the municipality of Galim, the envelope of which is estimated at around 391,478,326 FCFA has already been completed.

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