LIGHTING TRADE : A minimum investment of 5millionFCFA


A minimum investment of 5millionFCFA

It is an economically promising sector because the price of a single product varies between 30,000 FCFA and 300,000 FCFA.

In Yaoundé, the lighting trade has been booming in recent years. A situation that can be explained by the fact that Cameroonians are investing more and more in construction. Except that one thing is to build yourself and another is to make your residence attractive. To do this, the finishing works are essential, the lighting and the decoration occupy a place of choice. In the capital Yaoundé, a street has become a site for the sale of said materials. The Etoa-Méki crossroads, Mobil Elig-Essono is the place par excellence of the said business. There are 60 establishments on site that excel in the lighting business.

An activity held by foreigners because 90% of the establishments listed belong to Nigerian nationals living in Cameroon. As Brondone Tanetsi, responsible for Ets Christian Eclairage, explains, the clientele is diversified: “We receive all types of customers, individuals, architects, companies, all come to get lighting equipment for the finishing of their various works. of construction. Unlike in previous years, today’s customers are very demanding, fond of good, beautiful and luxury. When we market quality products, we build customer loyalty and behind them we have a strong chance of having new customers because information goes by word of mouth. That’s why we don’t joke about the quality of our materials ”.

These materials marketed in Cameroon are hardly made in Cameroon, they originate from countries in Europe and the Middle East, as Brondon points out, whose company mainly excels in the sale of lighting products, in particular chandeliers, light bulbs, wall lights, electrical cables, piping, etc. “The materials we sell come from countries such as Turkey, France and Dubai, to name but a few. For goods purchased in Dubai for example, it can take a maximum of 2 months to reach the port of Douala. On the other hand, when the goods come from Europe, it can be three months before arriving in Cameroon. Once the goods are purchased, they are shipped in containers by boat. When they arrive at the port of Douala, the containers are cleared through customs and then forwarded to Yaoundé”.


Among the varieties of products marketed by these establishments based in the Elig-Essono district in Yaoundé, the chandelier stands out from other products. It is beautiful, attractive, decorative, of various varieties and above all of several brands. The chandelier is a popular product for traders because it is very popular with customers. Brondone says: “As far as chandeliers are concerned, we sell brands such as Christal, Yataille, Nice and many more. Their prices vary according to the quality, the brand, the type of living room to be lit but also and especially the customer’s pocket. We have high-end living room chandeliers which cost 300,000 FCFA, 200,000 FCFA, mid-range 100,000 FCFA, 60,000 FCFA, 50,000 FCFA, low-end 30,000 FCFA, 20,000 FCFA ”.

Far from the popular imagination, chandeliers are not just a matter for the well-to-do, even the average citizen will benefit from them. The same goes for items such as interior and exterior decorative lighting, we learn. In view of the proliferation of lighting marketing establishments in the Cameroonian capital, it can be deduced that the demand for lighting products is growing and the activity is economically profitable. « The activity is doing well especially as Cameroonians are building more and constantly coming to stock up on electrical equipment and lighting for finishing and decoration work on buildings and homes at home. Although it must be said that there are days when the business is dead and other days when we can sell five chandeliers and some accessories, there are other days when an individual or a company can park a vehicle and make purchases up to 500,000 FCFA or even 1,000,000 FCFA”.

A heavy investment

The sale of lighting is hardly like any other activity for which the promoter can engage with a capital of 100,000 FCFA or 200,000 FCFA. Investing in this sector requires financial sacrifices. For a start, you must have a minimum capital of 5,000,000 FCFA, 7,000,000 FCFA or even more depending on the promoter’s stock market but not below this capital. Such capital allows the promoter to have a store and to stock it with quality and quantity merchandise. For better and faster progress in the sector, the location factor is essential. If the store is located in a public space with high traffic, it will undoubtedly attract customers, hence the importance of stocking them well with merchandise. Of course, you come across traders who have only a small amount of merchandise and when they have a customer, run to the wholesaler to take the product the customer wants and sell it. It is a management to be avoided if we really want to evolve in this activity. Customers are demanding these days and love to walk into a store and do all of their shopping. Clearly, to invest in lighting you have to be financially well prepared.


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