URBAN SANITATION : The end of the ordeal announced for the inhabitants of Nkolmesseng


The end of the ordeal announced for the inhabitants of Nkolmesseng

Augustin Bala, Mayor of Yaoundé 5 and Minister of Urban Development and Housing Célestine Ketcha Courtès officially launched the rehabilitation works of this road axis on August 17, 2021

It was the bilingual high school crossroads that hosted the launch ceremony for the rehabilitation of the Nkolmesseng road on August 17, 2021. A journey of approximately 7 kilometers, the work of which was divided into two phases. The first 5 km long section starts from the bilingual high school passing through the Mone-Belinga crossroads, Ottou crossroads to the Tradex breeder crossroads. These works consist of the construction of a boulevard with a cross section of 2 x 2 separate lanes with a 2-meter central terplex, gutters, sidewalks and public lighting. The second phase involves building the section from the 1.7 kilometer long Safari intersection with a 1 x 2 lane profile. The Chinese company Chinohydro in charge of the work has 18 months to deliver the site.

The construction works of urban infrastructure consist initially in carrying out road works aimed at improving the structuring of under-structured neighborhoods with the construction of a good quality primary road network. And the second stage will involve the construction of local urban equipment works allowing the populations to have direct access to basic urban services. The cost of the works of this urban development project estimated at around 14 billion is entirely covered by the government through the duty-free portion of the services, the VAT of the services, and through the amount of compensation for the populations affected by the project. No cent has been taken from the people through taxes, as is often the case when carrying out a project of this magnitude. The Minister of Housing and Urban Development made a point of making this known to the populations of Nkolmesseng and the surrounding area.

At the end of this ceremony, Augustin Bala, mayor of the 5th district of Yaoundé, said he was « happy and fulfilled ». In addition, he gives thanks to the Lord. “Since my arrival 17 months ago at the head of  Yaoundé 5 council, everything that was blocked has been released. This is the case with the construction of the town hall, which is under construction. Here is the work on boulevard de Nkolmesseng which was launched 5 years later because it was a project started in 2016. We will provide all the necessary support to the company so that the work proceeds without incident. It is time for this district to truly resemble the capital of an arrondissement in the capital Yaoundé « .

Célestine Ketcha Courtès indicated that the realization of this project resolves the difficulties of mobility, insalubrity and offers conditions for a more satisfactory and more sustainable urban development through the development project of inclusive and resilient cities (Pdir) put implemented by Minduh with the main mission of improving urban management and access to infrastructure in particularly under-equipped urban areas.


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