BASIC EDUCATION 3000 : teachers will be recruited


3000 teachers will be recruited

The World Bank is making FCFA 57.42 billion available to the government for improving the education system through the Education Reform Support Program (Parec).

The Minister of Basic Education, chairman of the steering committee of the Cameroon education reform support program, chaired on August 27 in Yaoundé, the work of the 3rd session of the said committee. It was an opportunity for him to announce the signing by the World Bank and the government of an agreement relating to an additional fund in the amount of FCFA 57.42 billion, additional allocated to Parec. This considerable contribution, underlined Laurent Serges Etoundi Ngoa, president of Copil, reinforces the indicators for improving the quality of education, particularly with regard to the number of teachers to be recruited; of textbooks to be distributed to public schools, students benefiting from the PBF or the rate of possession of the textbook per student, etc., for the period from January to August 2021. According to the Minister of Basic Education (Minedub), Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, the government is currently preparing to launch the third wave of recruiting teachers. “We have been recruiting teachers en masse for two years in waves of 3000. We have already made two waves. We are in the process of launching the third one, « he said during the 3rd ordinary evaluation session of the Parec Steering Committee.

In November 2020, Cameroon and the World Bank sign a financing agreement relating to the additional fund in the amount of CFAF 54 billion for Parec. In addition to recruiting teachers, this funding will support the textbook policy. “Last year we distributed textbooks to virtually every public school in Cameroon. This year we will continue. The procedure is underway. This additional funding will allow us to have more and more years to do this work and to cover the entire primary cycle « , recalled the Minedub. Finally, the funding will support « a kind of bonus for a job well done that the World Bank has introduced, especially in priority education areas », adds the Minister.

Created in December 2018 by decree of the Prime Minister, the Parec results from the financing agreement signed between Cameroon and the World Bank for $ 130 million, including $ 100 million for a loan and $ 30 million for a grant. Originally scheduled to end in 2023, the program has been extended until 2026.

Lucie Obiang

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