Feicom disburses FCFA 4 billion

This investment is part of the national policy for the establishment of sports infrastructure with a view to AFCON 2021 in Cameroon.

Four billion FCFA. This is the envelope released by the top management of the Inter-Municipal Intervention and Equipment Special Fund (Feicom) for the rehabilitation of the municipal stadium of Bafang in the Western Region. The infrastructure includes bleachers with a capacity of 2,500 places, an athletics track, a playground, a perimeter fence, an autonomous water supply network, changing rooms, and technical rooms among others.

The stadium was selected a few weeks ago by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) as the training ground for the African Cup of Nations. It is here that the national teams of Zimbabwe and Malawi registered in Pool B will perform their physical exercises. 24 hours after the draw ceremony for the 33rd edition of the African Cup of Nations which took place on August 21, 2021 at the Yaoundé convention center, the construction site of this municipal stadium was visited by inspectors of CAF. A delegation made up of the heads of the technical services of the Special Inter-Municipal Equipment and Intervention Fund and the administrative and sports authorities on August 22, 2021. During this visit, it was a question of touching the finger on the progress of the work which is in terminal phase in various sectors. CAF experts wanted to make sure that the Bafang municipal stadium will be ready before the competition opens on January 9, 2022.

Four months before the competition, the city of Bafang is gradually changing its appearance. Anne Njomkam, mayor, said: “An emphasis has been placed on sanitation at the level of the main axis of the city. We have evicted certain economic players whose activity has a negative impact on the health of the city, namely: joineries, garages, call boxes, funeral directors, etc.

In addition, infrastructures such as advertising screens will be put back into service”. By releasing these funds, Feicom is contributing in its own way to the success of the organization of the 33rd African Cup of Nations (CAN) Total Energy 2021 on Cameroonian soil.


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