A model learning environment

Due to its geographical location, its open teaching environment and its high success rate in exams, the establishment is the perfect place for good supervision of children.

Located at Ngousso district in the Yaoundé 5th council, between the Hôtel le Paradis and the Ngousso Mosque crossroads, and subdivided into three compartments, the establishment offers supervision for the very young in nursery, the youngest of primary school and teenagers in the secondary. Nursery and primary on the one hand offer training in the English-speaking sub-system and on the other hand the French-speaking sub-system. The secondary, specialized in general education, offers teaching for from one to from six.

The establishment, which has been in existence for more than 25 years, benefited of an extremely peaceful setting, withdrawn from the noise of the city center. A suitable place for a good distribution of knowledge and better supervision of children. Equipped with a fence and a gate controlled by security guards, the establishment is an ideal and dream setting for the development of children.

For the school year, 2020/2021, “Groupe Scolaire Bilingue Toussaint Antoine registered in official examinations at the primary level, 100% in the Certificat d’étude primaire (CEP) and 100% in the First school living certificate. For secondary education, particularly the BEPC exam, 100%; in the Probatoire, 70.15% and in the Baccalaureate, around 60.5% of the success rate’’, indicated Jean Janvier Nyimi Mbida, the Principal of this establishment.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic which has led establishments to observe a part-time school program, the principal states: “The Groupe Scolaire Bilingue Toussaint Antoine has not applied to this system. This due to the fact that the classrooms are not overcrowded, the establishment is quite selective in the choice of its learners. The most populated classrooms have an enrollment of 30 students; each seated alone in his place. Despite respect for distance, between learners, wearing of mask is obligatory, including for teachers. At the entrance to the establishment, a device for washing hands with soap is in place. In the classrooms, hydro-alcoholic gel is available for hand disinfection.

For this school year, the train of which will start on September 6, 2021, the top management promises to strengthen this system. And this involves the multiplication of hand washing points, the provision of a thermoflash, obligatory passage for those who have access to the establishment and a little more rigor in the wearing of masks. In order not to remain on the sidelines of vaccination, officials of the establishment are considering having its staff vaccinated against the coronavirus. At the Groupe Bilingue Toussaint Antoine, everything is ready; the establishment is only waiting for its scholar on September 6, 2021.


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