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RECONSTRUCTION OF NOSO : Apeccam finances 250 million FCFA

The Professional Association of Credit institutions of Cameroon (Apeccam) has granted 250 million FCFA to Rebuild, equip the hospitals of Ngarbuh and that of the Cameroon Development Corporation. The reconstruction plan is for both the North West and South West regions (NOSO).

Apeccam has has chosen the educational and health components thus meeting the objectives of the United Nations Development Program (Undp) which is the technical and implementing partner within the framework of this Presidential Reconstruction Plan. As a reminder, the financing needs of this plan require the sum of 154 billion FCFA ; the public authorities and the Undp regularly launch calls to several partners

Gwedoline Abunaw, the President of Apeccam explain to “Cameroon Tribune” the commitment made by the Association, « …We feel concerned since the launch of this reconstruction project of the North-West and South-West regions initiated by the Head so we came to support the efforts of the State to rebuild these regions by giving our contribution ».

So far, apart from the recent action of Apeccam, the Islamic Development Bank said it was favorable to making a contribution of more than 21 billion FCFA since the signing of an agreement on May 10, 2023 with the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning, Alamine Ousmane Mey. Said funds were transferred back to Undp on July 31, 2023 via the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the national coordinator of the Presidential Reconstruction Plan for the NOSO, Motuba Tamajong Obase, presided over by the Head of government, Joseph Dion Ngute.

The attack on the village of Ngarbuh on February 14, 2020 having been one of the worst perpetrated since the beginning of the crisis at the end of 2016 with twenty-one civilians including 13 children and a pregnant woman killed and five houses burned. The state and private partners are thus resolutely committed to restoring the splendor of yesteryear to these bruised regions. It is worth noting that the Prime Minister had launched an appeal to the private sector in the economic capital Douala on May 18, 2021 in contribution to the rapid reconstruction of the said regions.

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