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TRESOR PAY : awareness campaign officially launched

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, has launch an awareness campaign of the Tresor Pay application, with the view of capturing the non-tax public revenues estimated at 800 billion FCFA in loss. The launch was made on August 7 in Bangou, West region.

Controlling the risks of damage to public assets is the objective of the Ministry of Finance, which is engaged in a process of dematerialization of procedures and digitization of public financial transactions. This came in a context where, according to the directives of the Head of State contained in the elaboration of the 2023 Finance Law, the sectoral administrations generating non-tax revenues, are invited to an increased mobilization of said revenues.

For several years, these resources estimated at 800 billion FCFA, have barely been recovered to the tune of 50 billion FCFA. For a better collection of these resources, several reforms have been initiated. We can mention the establishment of the Single Treasury Account, the digitalization of payment methods with a view to securing the collection circuit of public revenues. And finally, the limitation of the circulation of cash in the financial services of the State in order to fight against the loss of resources.

It is from this perspective that the Treasury Pay application has been set up, which is a Platform for remote collection of all public revenues that must be centralized in the single Treasury account. Through this electronic tool dedicated to the collection and collection of non-tax revenues, public services can be paid, in particular the costs of medical certificates, medical expenses, various para-tax taxes.

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According to Louis Paul Motaze, « this platform was set up in a context marked by the desire of the public authorities to finalize the operationalization of the reform of the Single Treasury Account, to digitalize the means of public payment, to secure public revenue collection circuit by limiting the use of cash in state financial services and finally, to control the risks of damage to public wealth ».

Backed by economic motivations, the reform allows the State to equip itself with the financial and material means necessary for a better regulation of the sectors of activities in full expansion. This is thanks to the « increase in the rates of levies previously practiced in line with the current evolution of said activities or economic goods », points out the Minfi.

For the officials of the general directorate of the Treasury, financial and monetary Cooperation, « the long queues often observed in public services are reduced. The tool gradually regulates the scams that users are victim of ». The Minister of Finance emphasizes that : « through this application, electronic payments will be made online, electronic payments in mobile money from the Treasury and electronic cards stamped Public Treasury ».

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