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HOTEL SECTOR : Hilton Hotel’s fluctuates in 2022

The public company, Cameroon Hotels Corporation (CHC), owner of the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé, is gradually leaving the red zone after a gloomy period following the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the results of the 2022 financial year published on August 31, 2023, the CHC closes this financial year with a 12.3 billion FCFA turnover. Compared to 2021, this indicator has increased by more than 1.6 billion FCFA.

As for the total cash assets, Cameroon hotels corporation S.A ends the 2022 financial year, with an envelope of 11.2 billion FCFA (14.7 billion FCFA in 2021), which corresponds to a decrease of 3.5 billion FCFA.

However, the company’s turnover is on the rise by 1.6 billion FCFA, compared to the previous financial year. This is revealed by the results of the 2022 financial year published on August 31, 2023.

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This great performance was boosted in particular by the volume of hotel reservations observed during the African Cup of Nations held in Cameroon, from January 9 to February 6, 2022. However, the good keeping of the accounts of the Cameroon hotels corporation S.A is relativized by its net result, which peaks, at the end of 2022, at an amount of 2.08 billion FCFA. Its net profit thus decreases by 1.12 billion FCFA, compared to the 2021 financial year, at the end of which the CHC recorded a net result estimated at 3.2 billion FCFA (- 37%). It is important to note that the CHC generated a gross profit of 3.6 billion FCFA in 2022.

Regarding the operating profit of the CHC, it shows a slight increase in 2022, at 2.9 billion FCFA. In 2021, it amounted to an amount of 2.8 billion FCFA (+ 1 billion FCFA). The same is true for the added value of the CHC which rises, at the end of 2022, to the sum of 6.6 billion FCFA.

With equity fixed at an envelope of 26.8 billion FCFA in 2022 (25.5 billion FCFA in 2021), CHC is among the companies listed by the State of Cameroon to be listed on the Central African Securities Exchange (Bvmac), as well as Sodecoton, the Douala Deep Seaport, and Cameroon Airports (ADC).

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