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DISTINCTIONS : Minister of Labour Decorates 273 Employees of CCA-Bank

273 staff of the Crédit Communautaire d’Afrique-Bank (CCA-Bank) have received work of honor distinction medal for their dedication, perseverance and loyalty. The award ceremony took place on September 2, 2023 at the Yaounde Congress Center chaired by the Minister of Labour.

The ceremony called “recognition of the dedication, perseverance and loyalty of the staff recipients of the Medal of Honor of Work”, was chaired by Grégoire Owona, Minister of Labour and Social Security (Mintss).

In his opening remarks, the General Manager CCA-Bank, Marguerite Fonkwen Atanga placed this event in the registrar of the reward of employee’s length of service, continued loyalty to CCA-Bank, the quality of the initiatives taken in his work and his professional ethics. “The meaning of this ceremony is to ensure that our remarkable authorities can salute years of hard work and sacrifices, and at the same time paths of pride, fulfillment, commitment and integrity within CCA-Bank,” she said.

A way for the Top management to reassure its employees that the banking institution today keeps satisfactory figures thanks to their “commitment”, their “efforts and sacrifices”. Indeed, after 20 years spent as microfinance (1998-2018) and 05 years as a universal bank, the Yaoundé-based institution is pleased to strongly promote financial inclusion and financing the national economy through support for SMEs ; engines the national economy to more than 70 %.

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As such, the bank has more than 450 billion in deposits, over 230 billion in credit and above 500,000 customers to whom it offers a varied catalog of banking products and digital services in its 47 branches, spread over all 10 regions of the country.

In his ambition to stay the course, the CEO of CCA-Bank urged his colleagues to remain constant in the pace of work. “Reinventing oneself means giving a new dimension to one’s person, being open to new learning means showing interest, curiosity and understanding for ideas that differ in part or totally from one’s own. I urge you to be in this posture in order to be able to evolve. Knowing how to evolve is a guarantee of fulfillment. I also urge the younger generations to follow your example,” the CEO reiterated, during the event.


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