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STOCK EXCHANGE MARKET INDEX : The First in Cemac Zone to be Operational from December 2023

In the coming days, financial market participants will be able to look forward to a regional stock market index, the effectiveness of which is announced for December 1, 2023. In line with the said project, the Central African Securities Exchange (Bvmac) launched a public consultation to take charge of naming key indicator for monitoring and determining the performance of the stock market, last November 21.

In a context marked by the dynamization of the stock market after the physical and institutional merger of the Douala Stock exchange and the BVMAC, the adoption of this reform contributes to strengthening its visibility. « The official launch of the index is scheduled for December 1, 2023 and will make it have an international visibility, where we too will finally have our own identity », explained a source close to the file.

The naming challenge had been launched since November 22nd and lasted until the 27th. Open to the entire Cemac population, each participant had to propose a name of the index, an acronym and the reason for the choice and at the end, those who have proposed the best naming will receive prizes worth 200,000 FCFA and 500,000 FCFA in securities account.

The establishment of a regional stock index is a collaborative work between the market regulator, the Central African Market Surveillance Commission (Cosumaf) and the Bvmac. On the stock market, other reforms are examined, among which, the multi-fixing. Adopted by many stock exchanges, including the Casablanca Stock Exchange, this method of listing consists of reproducing several fixings during the same trading session. Its objectives are to increase the average volume of transactions per session ; and the average number of contracts registered per session.

As for the daily quotation, Louis Banga Ntolo announced the approval of Cosumaf to increase the number of days of quotation from 3 to 5, that is to say from Monday to Friday, no longer on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as is customary. This was during the first quotation ceremony of the 2023 multi-tranche bond of the State of Cameroon.

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