CUSTOMS REVENUE : North-West Records Boom Performance in 2023

[abelainfo] - According to data from the General Directorate of Customs (DGD), customs revenues have increased from 11 million FCFA in 2019 to 400 million FCFA in 2022 before reaching 500 million FCFA at the end of 2023. The sums collected in 2023 exceed by 183 million FCFA those of 2016, the year when the region achieved its most important performances before the Anglophone crisis gradually degenerated into armed conflict.

(abelainfo) – After reaching their lowest level in 2019, at the height of the security crisis in the English-speaking areas, customs revenues in the North-West Cameroon region have resumed an upward trajectory to the point of exceeding pre-crisis levels. « Peace has returned, activities have resumed and imports have resumed, culminating into this strong increase, » indicates an executive of the general directorate of customs, to explain these rising performances. In addition, the North-West Customs sector borders Nigeria and also shares its boundaries with the West and South-West Customs sectors.

« Due to this pivotal position, we note the presence of economic operators of various nationalities, as well as an increase in the flow of goods and services. With the commissioning of new road infrastructures between Central Africa and West Africa, in particular at the Mfum level (in the South-West region Editor’s note), new and old partners have an opportunity to follow new expressed objectives … », explained the Director General of Customs, Edwin Fongod Nuvaga, in his speech during the launch ceremony of the 71st International Customs Day (IDD).

« In 2023, you mobilized resources for the state budget, beyond expectations, for the 4th consecutive year, and under difficult conditions (…) In 2024, expectations are more towards the increase in public revenues, for the structural transformation of the economy, for the protection of society and for the safety of people. The challenge is yours and ours. Because, you will always be able to count on the shoulder of the government and those of its partners. This is the whole point of this ceremony, » launched Minister Motazé to customs officers during the same ceremony. Indeed, the State of Cameroon expects global customs revenues of 1,079.9 billion FCFA in 2024, up 10% compared to 2023.

The Minister of Finance took this opportunity to recall the tax and customs advantages enjoyed by economic operators active in this part of the country, under the decree of September 2, 2019 recognizing the status of economically shattered zones (SEZ) to the regions of the Far North, North-West and South-West. « The objectives of the creation of economically affected areas are to encourage, promote and attract productive investments, with a view to developing activities aimed at promoting strong, sustainable and shared economic growth, as well as jobs in said areas, » said Louis Paul Motazé.

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CUSTOMS REVENUE, North-West Records Boom Performance in 2023,

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