FAKO DIVISION : Mintp Allocates 260,000,000M FCFA to Councils for Road Works

[abelainfo] - The Ministry of Public Works is committed to enhancing the road network in the country, and to support this objective, funds will soon be disbursed to councils in the Southwest region for rehabilitation, maintenance, and construction projects.

(abelainfo) – Fako Division is set to receive a total allocation of 260,000,000 FCFA, benefiting councils such as Buea, Tiko, and Limbe. The budget distribution is as follows: Buea Council will receive 65,000,000 FCFA to complete the rehabilitation of the road from Tole-Bwiyuku village to Wonganga.

Tiko Council has been allocated 130,000,000 FCFA for the construction of a bridge at Likomba roundabout, passing through Likomba market to the Catholic church (Phase 1). Additionally, Limbe Council has received 65,000,000 FCFA for the rehabilitation work on the road from Chop Farm to Bikolo village.

The Ministry of Public Works recognizes the importance of a well-maintained road infrastructure and is taking significant steps to improve connectivity and transportation in the Fako Division. These funds will enable the beneficiary councils to undertake necessary road works, contributing to safer and more efficient travel for residents and promoting regional development.

Raphaël Mforlem

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