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MANYU DIVISION : Mintp Transfers 130,000,000 M FCFA to Councils

[abelainfo] - Manyu Division has received an allocation of 130,000,000 million FCFA from the Ministry of Public Works (Mintp). The beneficiary councils, including Mamfe and Upper-Bayang, will utilize these funds for various road projects in the region.

(abelainfo) – Manyu Division is set to benefit from the disbursement of 130,000,000 million FCFA, which will be allocated as follows : Mamfe Municipalities : 65,000,000 million FCFA has been allocated for the opening of roads along Bachuo Ntai Sandpit, Okoyong Sandpit, Bessongabang Sandpit, and Laterite pit road. Manyu-Upper Bayang Council : 20,000,000 million FCFA has been allocated for the rehabilitation of communal roads in the town of Tinto. 45,000,000 million FCFA has been allocated for the rehabilitation of the road from Tinto to Bakebe.

The Ministry of Public Works recognizes the importance of a well-developed road network in promoting economic growth, accessibility, and connectivity. The allocated funds will enable the beneficiary councils to initiate and complete the road projects, thereby improving transportation infrastructure in Manyu Division.

The road opening in the Mamfe municipalities will enhance accessibility to key areas, benefiting local residents and contributing to economic development. Similarly, the rehabilitation of roads in Tinto and the road from Tinto to Bakebe will improve connectivity within the Manyu-Upper Bayang Council, facilitating smoother transportation for communities in the region.

By investing in road infrastructure, the Mintp aims to enhance mobility, stimulate economic activities, and improve the overall quality of life for residents in Manyu Division.

Raphaël Mforlem

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