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CULTURAL DAY: ICT University celebrates diversity and nation building

[abelainfo] - As a leading institution in education, research, and innovation, ICT University organized the first edition of the Cultural Day on April 26, 2024. The event aimed to celebrate the cultural diversity of the institution and Cameroon as a whole while promoting inclusive education and national unity.

Held under the theme « Promoting Culture, Strengthening Nation Building and National Integration, » ICT University hosted the inaugural Cultural Day on April 26, 2024. This memorable event took place on its campus in the Messassi neighborhood of Yaoundé. Initiated by students and administrative staff, they all celebrated the rich cultural diversity that exists within the university. The diversity was highlighted by students from various regions of Cameroon. This annual event, which will now become a tradition at ICT, paid homage to diverse cultural identities while promoting peace, inclusive education, and unity, thereby contributing to the promotion of culture in Cameroon and Africa.

Under the supervision of Professor Jean-Emmanuel Pondi, the University’s Rector and representative of Professor Victor Mbarika, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the event also saw the participation of guests from different regions of Cameroon, parents, relatives of students, as well as student association presidents, among others.

April 26, 2024, will remain an unforgettable day at ICT University as it contributed to the creation of an inclusive environment where students feel valued and respected for their culture and identity. This cultural day also strengthened the sense of belonging among the student body through the sharing and celebration of their cultural heritage, fostering stronger connections among students, university staff, and promoting a spirit of camaraderie and solidarity.

Through this cultural day, a valuable opportunity for intercultural education was provided, allowing participants to explore and discover new cultures, traditions, languages, and customs. Additionally, the event emphasized the openness to cultural diversity from around the world. Furthermore, this event encouraged constructive dialogue among members of the university community and beyond, thereby promoting mutual understanding and peaceful conflict resolution. At the end of this edition, plans were made for the next academic year.

As a reminder, ICT University is considered one of the top digital universities in Central Africa. It integrates technology with culture and provides students with innovative ways to explore, understand, and appreciate the surrounding cultural diversity. The institution took advantage of the cultural day to present several initiatives, such as the digitization of cultural heritage, the development of cultural applications, the creation of virtual reality projects, as well as intercultural online collaborations.

Raphael Mforlem.

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