Fight against Covid-19: 488 new cases recorded

Fight against Covid-19: 488 new cases recorded

In the space of two weeks, Cameroon recorded 3 deaths and 488 new cases of contamination.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, the Coronavirus pandemic assessment counter on December 3 showed 26,848 cases of people affected in Cameroon, 25,468 patients conquered the disease and 451 people unfortunately got the better of the disease pandemic.  A few days later, or on January 14, 2021 to be precise, the number of infected people saw their figure on the rise, i.e. 27,336 cases in total.  26,852 patients cured and 454 deaths.  In the space of 14 days, Cameroon recorded 488 new cases of contamination and 3 deaths.
It is clear that Cameroonians are less and less afraid of the coronavirus because it is no longer wreaking havoc in terms of deaths as was the case between the months of June to August 2020 when the country had reached the peak of the pandemic.  Yet the disease is far from over; on the contrary, it takes on worrying proportions through its mutant character and remains a threat that must be taken even more seriously. Many countries in Europe and the Americas are already victims.  According to Dr George Alain Etoundi, « When the virus changes, it can either become less aggressive or more aggressive, or less contagious or more contagious ».
The new strain has not yet crossed our borders as confirmed by Manaouda Malachie Minister of Public Health in one of these twists « we sent 816 samples collected between March and December 2020 to a reference laboratory for sequencing; the results that emerge show that the United Kingdom variant is not yet circulating in Cameroon”.  A more or less reassuring message but which invites everyone to continue to respect the barrier measures, in particular: wash your hands with running water and soap, wear a muffler in public spaces, respect the measures social distancing to name a few.
For its part, the State of Cameroon is working to protect populations from probable contamination.  And this goes in part through the control of transits within the territory like the airports; Dr George Alain Etoundi, “A mutant virus must lead to behavioral changes in society, especially when its seriousness within the country is demonstrated.  This means that we must monitor everything that comes in, so that it does not enter with the virus in our country, the same for what comes out so that if ever there is a mutant virus in Cameroon, that we do not give it away.  To others”.  The fight against the corona virus is far from over and to bring this fight back, Cameroonians must do their part and this requires the will and devotion of each other.  In less than two weeks, the numbers are chilling.

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