Baccalaureat général: The 8070 set up by the baccalaureate office is unreliable

Baccalaureat général: The 8070 set up by the baccalaureate office is unreliable

Once again this year, the short issue created by the Baccalaureate Office for the communication of results recorded various appreciations.

The results of the general education baccalaureate are known.  Since July 28, candidates have access to their results either by going to their respective establishments, or simply by dialing 8070. A short number set up five years ago by the Baccalaureate Office (OBC), to allow candidates to be secured prior to traditional posting on examination center bulletin boards.  Only, some complain about the credibility of the results via this short number.Very often candidates declared admitted by the 8070 had failed on the lists published in certain examination centers and vice versa.  “Watch out for the 8070. They declared my son stranded while the brave had his Bac.  Go check in at the facility,” says one parent.  At the OBC, the complaint is well-founded and justified « The problem is neither the radio station nor the establishment where the name is either read or displayed.  From the moment when the electronic or digital platform is in contradiction, we must investigate further.  To get there, we need to locate the relevant deliberation center.  Hence the information sought from whoever is the first to report the anomaly.
If you are a vehicle manufacturer and you are notified of an anomaly on a series, what do you do?  You recall all the cars in the series and do your research before you put them on the market.  This is the process”.  Nonetheless, it is said, the OBC strives each year to rectify the situation with its technical partner in the telecoms sector.  « We are now awaiting the reactions which will reach us from the field this year in order to be able to detect the shortcomings and correct them, » he promises.  Before adding: « When we receive complaints we hold meetings with this operator .  He explains to us that, sometimes, because of too high requests arriving at the same time, there can be bugs in his system which cause these problems”.The official statistical table of the results places the South-West region in first place with 83.73% success rate, followed respectively by the Center with 77.18%, the East with 73.82%, North-West 73, 58%, West 73.39%, South 72.71%, North 70.99, Littoral 70.94% Far-North 68.87%, and finally Adamaoua with 68.33% admitted.  As a reminder, they were 115,447 candidates to have taken part in this exam last June.  So far the OBC has declared 52.72% successes this year compared to 57.14% last year.  That is a decrease of 4.4 points.  A situation that could be justified by the system of evaluation by objective approach (OPO) which for many were not known.  They have been maintained for several years in the competency-based assessment system (APC).
Lucie Obiang

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