Academic excellence: More than 1123 award-winning students at Galim

Academic excellence: More than 1123 award-winning students at Galim

The Mayor Élie Saker Tshouongang reiterates his support and commitment to education around a charitable and festive event.

The 5th edition of academic and university excellence called « Élie Saker Tshouongang » was held August 7, 2021 in Galim in the Bamboutos department.  An event organized on the theme: « Today’s school is tomorrow’s elite ».  More than 1,123 laureates from basic, secondary, higher education institutions and supervisors were awarded by the chief magistrate of the commune of Galim, Élie Saker Tshouongang.
School supplies were given to 700 primary school pupils against 157 secondary school pupils.  Those in examination class declared definitively admitted, i.e. 39 for the Primary School Certificate (Cep), 9 for the First School Living Certificate (Flsc), 19 holders of the Professional Aptitude Certificate (CAP), and 60 supervisors received  bonuses.  An envelope of 50,000 FCFA was given to each of the graduates of the baccalaureate, ie 100 students in total.  40 doctoral students enrolled in thesis each received 75,000 FCFA each.  Donations, the envelope of which is estimated at around 35,414,000 FCFA.The first deputy mayor thanked on behalf of the populations and the municipality of Galim, the CEO of the Saker group and of the Mimosa (Modern Saker Mill) for his generosity.  He also invited the beneficiaries to make good use of the prizes made available to them.  The prefect of Bamboutos François Etapa, sponsor of the event in, did not fail to congratulate the CEO of Mimosa, also mayor of the municipality of Galim for this philanthropic gesture.  He also called on the local elites and those of the Bamboutos department to follow this example.
For the administrative authority, the school is the guarantee of a safe development and of a quality elite.  The recipients from the four corners of Mbouda thanked the donor for the attentive eye and the support he has provided them for 5 years.  No less than 161,240,800 FCFA have been spent since 2017, for the donation ceremonies in Galim.
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