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PERFORMANCE : CFC Earns 4.8 billion FCFA Profit in 2022

In its 2022 financial year report, the Crédit foncier du Cameroun (CFC), specialized in financing projects intended for the promotion of housing, reveals that the structure has recorded a 4.8 billion FCFA Profit.

This is an indicator that attests to the fact that (CFC) has improved market according to the figures disclosed by this institution. The CFC made gains of 4.8 billion FCFA in 2022, an increase of 1.5 billion FCFA, compared to the 2021 financial year, whose profits were around 3.3 billion FCFA. In addition, the financial institution headed by Jean-Paul Missi achieved an increase in its Net Banking Income of around 6%, more than 347.5 million FCFA to stand at 6.5 billion FCFA compared to 6.2 billion the previous year.

During 2022, the operating revenues of the EFA saw an increase in particular in the segment of revenues from treasury and interbank operations, which jumped by 38 %, to 1.5 billion FCFA compared to 1.1 billion in 2021. For their part, revenues from customer operations stagnated at 5.8 billion FCFA against a decrease in revenues from various banking operations. These fell to 20.7 million FCFA while they were estimated at 33.5 million FCFA the previous year.

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In addition, there was a slight decrease in the EFA’s assets with a 3 % decrease in net fixed assets, leading to an increase of (3 %) in customer receivables in 2022. During this period, they jumped to 116.6 billion francs against 113.7 billion in 2021. Indeed, a slight decrease of -1 % means less than 2.3 billion FCFA of the financing and guarantee funds for housing, which totals 262.8 billion FCFA against 265.2 billion FCFA in 2021. Correspondingly, provisions for risks and expenses have decreased to just over 5 billion compared to 5.2 billion a year ago.

Between 1978 and 2021, the Crédit foncier of Cameroon granted financing worth 492.583 billion FCFA, part of which comes from the own funds of the CFC. This envelope has, among other things, allowed the construction of 92,245 housing units ; the development of 16,373 building plots ; the supply of social facilities for 17 municipalities including markets, bus stations, parking lots among others.

Created in May 1977, the CFC is a state-owned company with a share capital of 10 billion FCFA. Its shareholding consists of 75 % of the State, 20 % of the National Social Welfare Fund, 5 % of Campost. His mission is then to provide his financial assistance and expertise to the realization of any real estate project, in particular by promoting social housing through real estate loans at reduced rates.

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