Official exams: Over 17 million FCFA paid to telephone operators

Official exams: Over 17 million FCFA paid to telephone operators

The 8070 results verification system is being emulated in the mobile phone system.

1 7 317 050 FCFA.  This is the amount collected by mobile operators on behalf of the 2021 session of the official exams.  A profit made thanks to the number 8070. Operators based in Cameroon send standard messages to millions of subscribers: « The BAC is out!  Send your number by SMS now to 8070 to get your result.  Cost of the SMS: 150 FCFA.  This sentence has become for about 5 years the facilitator par excellence for accessing the candidate’s result.
Since this 4-digit number allows you to obtain results in a few minutes.  In place since 2016, this short issue is making fat during the official exam results season.  Indeed, as soon as the results are available, mobile operators send messages to subscribers inviting them to consult the results.  A method defined by the concerned as a delivery message.  “I couldn’t wait for the reading at the National Post.  As soon as I received the message, I sent my number directly.  And here I am finally freed from this anxiety, « said a general education baccalaureate laureate.  Like him, many have opted for the SMS results verification system.  Each of course with various reasons

Liz Ossegue

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