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PLANTAIN SECTOR : 222 billion FCFA made available by the government

The president of the National Association of Actors in the Banana-Plantain Sector in Cameroon, Samuel Tony Obam Bikoué, reveals the conditions to access financing windows.

The National President of the Association of Actors of the Banana-Plantain Sector in Cameroon (Bpsc) informs all Cameroonians aged 21 and above that in the urgent need to professionalise the banana-plantain value chain and to achieve the annual production targets of 10,000.000 (ten million) tonnes of banana-plantain set by the SND 30 to accelerate the competitiveness of banana-plantain products and byproducts in order to effectively implement the import-substitution concept; that the BPSC launches the recruitment
of new members (natural persons or legal entities) who will benefit from repayable financing available at a preferential interest rate over a period of 01 to 08 years with a deferment based on the agricultural campaign through a personalised face-to-face and remote incubation lasting a maximum of 2 months « special banana-plantain value chain » at the Bpcs’s Fertile Ground Training Centre located in Kribi, Ocean Division, South Region.

Out Of Economic Patriotism, become a member of the Fbpc…

A/ Level of financing available to cooperatives, cig, associations, Eig, Sarl, sa, development committees, tontines, amicales, mutual companies

1) From 10,000,000 FCFA to 50,000,000 FCFA incubation cost : 2,500,000 FCFA

2) From 50,000,000 FCFA to 250,000,000 FCFA incubation cost: 7,500,000 FCFA

3) Payable in two instalments into our accounts at Unics Plc 2nd category microfinance (including a business trip and the signing of commercial contracts in Nigeria/Gabon/Guinea Equatorial/Congo…)

B) Funding sources :

– Fund to facilitate credit supply for the development of agricultural value chains endowed with nearly 22 billion FCFA ADB financing decree N°025/CAB/PM of 22 March 2023.

– Law N°2022/020 of 27 December 2022 on the finance law for the implementation of a guarantee for the portfolios of the State of Cameroon eligible for agricultural SMEs endowed with nearly CFAF 200 billion.

C/ Incubation programmes with technical and economic training and financing offered to project leaders :

– Production of high-yield, quality plantain seedlings;
– Production of fresh plantain bananas for the local and export markets;
– Production of quality plantain chips;
– Production of plannable/infantile plantain flour;
– Production of red wine, whiskies, juices, cognac, beers, etc. from plantain pulp.
– Production of textiles and paper from the pseudo trunks of the banana plantain;
– Production of biological charcoal and biofuel from plantain pulp and waste.

D/ Incubation methodology :

IYA Accelerator by ITA

E/ Post-financing methodology :
Contract farming

F/ Institutional partners for incubation and special funding for the plantain value chain

– Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development;

– Ministry of Finance;

– Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development;

– Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts;

– South regional council.

G/ Incubation, financing and risk-sharing system for special banana plantain value chain credits

Fbpc : commercial assistance and securing of markets through national and international commercial contracts, varietal traceability, labelled products, provision of agricultural land, digital marketing, moral and joint guarantee; establishment of relations with first-rate commercial banks, mutual guarantee fund.

ITA : capacity building in the value chain, operational management of an agri-business, preparation and certification of business plans, technical assistance, networking, assistance in setting up and equipping industrial processing units.

Pdcva : strategic support.

Pndcf : technical and economic training.

Ceneema : mechanisation of agricultural work with heavy machinery, parcelling, opening of harvesting tracks.

D’farma Ventures LTD : quality control, purchase of plantain bunches by KG.

Royal Onyx insurance Cie : agricultural insurance, health insurance, credit insurance, agricultural machinery insurance, agricultural heavy engines insurance.

2e Grade Microfinance Unics Plc : free account openings for BPSC members, credit lines, depreciable accounts, overdrafts, campaign credit, free financial education capacity building.

Fertile Ground : training in the use and supply of bio-fertilisers, soil analysis, free provision of an irrigation system for BPSC members’ farms of 10ha or more, provision of greenhouses for nursery growers.

ASN : guarding nurseries, plantations and processing units with dogs.

Proderu : pre-incubation and post-financing support.

Exotic Group : International distribution of banana plantains, quality control, geolocalisation.

Global Intellium : research and development.

4Pballer : Master Mind on personal development.

Itrafie CBC/Capital Investment Cameroun : leasing of international bank guarantees, financing for the setting up of industrial production units for fabrics, shoes, handbags, paper made from pseudo-trunks and banana-plantain waste.

Cameroon’s banana-plantain industry, serving the Snd 30 !!!

Contact : 674 72 91 18 (Calls and whatsapp)

info@fbpcameroun.com/fbpcameroun@gmail.com, www.fbpcameroun.com

Signed Tony Obam, National President Fbpc

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