Civil status: Bunec is stepping up staff training

Civil status: Bunec is stepping up staff training

After the districts of Lolodorf, Mvengue and Bipindi, the Bunec continued its training activities in Kribi in the divisiln of the Ocean.

In its drive to have well-equipped employees in the municipalities, the National Office of Civil Status (Bunec) gathered on Wednesday January 11, 2021 in the deeds room of the urban community of Kribi 47 officers and secretaries of civil status.  Meeting held as part of a training workshop on the application of standards in the practice of institutional actors.
Training organized by the project to improve the civil status system in Cameroon for active citizenship (Paseca).  The officials training session that took place on January 11 in Kribi is a sequel to this series.  In the next few days, say the organizers, other cities will also benefit from this training.  An activity funded by the European Union and led by Alexandre Marie Yomo, Director General of Bunec, under the supervision of the administrative authorities of the locality of Kribi, in this case Antoine Bissaga, Prefect of the Ocean, who proceeded to the opening of the works, and Guy Emmanuel Sabikanda, mayor of the city of Kribi.
In addition to the invited officers and secretaries of civil status who benefit from the training, many personalities took part in the opening of this work, for example the mayors of the municipalities concerned including Kribi 1, Kribi 2, Nyete and Lokoundjé.  The work in workshops gave the Bunec trainers the opportunity to interact actively with the participants on four modules which answered the questions: How to declare and register civil status events?  How to deal with questions relating to complementary judgments?  How to keep civil status registers?  How to archive and produce vital statistics?
For the general manager of Bunec, “the satisfaction is justified by the interest of the participants who were only waiting for this opportunity.  Moreover, the general wish expressed is the regularity of this type of meeting for the permanent upgrading of the actors of the civil status system of Cameroon”.

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