Urban disorder: Order finally reigns in Ndogpassi market

Urban disorder: Order finally reigns in Ndogpassi market

The vehicles of the commune of Douala 3rd were deployed on the ground.  Shopkeepers cringe.

 »We are surprised in the morning to find that our stalls and shops have been broken without notice ».  In addition to these complaints from a salesman, there are other complaints.  “We were told last Wednesday to move our tables before the craft passed.  To our surprise yesterday, we found out that it is the Caterpillar that is razing everything”.  These are the lamentations of traders in the Ndogpassi market in the 3rd district of Douala on January 15, 2021. Some traders were surprised by the destruction of shops and merchant spaces without any warning.
On the other hand, some believe they have been alerted by the authorities of the municipality.  In these interminable quarrels, Valentin Epoupa Bossambo, mayor reframes things.  The disputed area is private state property granted to the town hall of Douala 3rd through a notification presented to the various parties.  According to the mayor, the reason for the breakage is the result of urban disorder.  We must therefore expand the market space, which has become cramped.  “Traders can no longer operate in the space that has been allocated to them.  They are therefore forced to go on the sidewalk and even on the road.  So we had to find a place to resettle them, « said the city authority.
A statement that some populations do not share.  They even brandish land titles and claim to own the land.  “I told him the house is titled.  We have the documents and he threatens to take hold of me”.  No compensation or resettlement has been provided for these traders and populations.

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