Associative movement: Bafia advocates living together

Associative movement: Bafia advocates living together

It is an initiative of the young people of the polyvalent districtComing from various ethnic groups, these young people who grew up together and who are scattered over the national and international triangle have decided to get together in the turn of a friendly called the friendly of the nationals of the polyvalent district (Arespo) on the 24th.  July 2021. A group that advocates the ideals of gathering, promoting living together, a spirit of mutual aid, solidarity and fraternity but also promoting socioeconomic and cultural development with the motto of unity, solidarity and  development.  There was talk for the members of the association of nationals of the mixed-use district of Bafia to hold their first general assembly.
On the menu of discussions, the adoption of the statutes and the rules of procedure, the vote of the executive committee and the installation of its members.  The work, which lasted 4 hours, was attended by young and old, parents and other guests from the neighborhood and members of the office from Yaoundé, Douala and other cities.  All had the heavy responsibility of explaining the merits of setting up such an initiative, but also and above all, of responding to the concerns of their young brothers and parents in order to gain as many members as possible.  After much negotiation, the statutes of Arespo were adopted and the executive board made up of ten members was installed by Ombassi Noun, one of the parents present at the ceremony.
The president of Arespo, Line Honorine Etoubéké, took this opportunity to set out some priority areas of the executive board elected for a renewable two-year term: « It is a feeling of satisfaction and of duty accomplished.  The goal of our presence in Bafia, which was to present to our brothers, sisters and parents the ideals that the friendship advocates has been achieved.  The office of which I am at the head has for short-term missions to make more aware of the brothers and sisters residing in the Polyvalent district and those scattered within the national triangle and internationally to join this association which wants to be dynamic and ambitious.  « .  She adds: « In the long term, we want to set up socio-economic development projects in the livestock and agriculture sector, but also to finance micro-projects.  We will be well established once the means resulting from the contributions of the members are made available”, she indicated.

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