Industrialization: Dschang runs its brewing company

Industrialization: Dschang runs its brewing company

The council takes part in the ceremony for the presentation of the certificate of conformity for Bao Black and Bao Premium products, beers approved and marketed within the municipality.

The top management of the company of Royal Brasseries of Cameroon agricultural and brewing cooperative (BRC-Cabra) presented on July 22, 2021 in Dschang, the certificate of conformity of the products of this factory, during a ceremony chaired by the prefect of Menoua department.  The multifunctional hall of the Center for the Promotion of Women and the Family of Dschang served as the setting for this event.  Among the products presented by this brewing company, figure prominently the two quality beers, namely BAO Black and BAO Premium, already marketed in the city of Dschang.

A ceremony enhanced by the presence of the mayor of the municipality of Dschang Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu.  Which, in his remarks indicated « that in the image of a famous Cameroonian beer commonly called  » the champagne of the Country  », here are products made in Dschang which will market our city and which therefore, will improve the attractiveness of our territory.  We will certainly talk about the only secondary town that has its beer and we will keep it”.

In addition, the mayor praised the seriousness displayed by this cooperative, which has successfully followed all the indicated route to obtain the certificate of conformity, which is the document that allows it to put its products on the market with the assurance that they are good for consumers.  By choosing the city of Dschang rather than the major metropolises of the country to settle and launch its products, the Brasseries BRC-Cabra company shows all the citizenship that surrounds this project, which it wishes to pass on to the urban municipality of Dschang.


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