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BERTOUA 1ST MUNICIPALITY : 250 million for a multipurpose hall


250 million for a multipurpose hall

The announcement was made by Mayor Olivier Crombell Bembell D’Ipack during the kick-off meeting on August 11, 2021.

It is an architectural gem of high standing built on an area of ​​almost 4,000 m2 which will house a modular multipurpose hall with a capacity of around 1,500 seats. The building also includes offices, shops, modern toilets, green spaces and parking lots. This work will see the light of day in the next few weeks in the Bertoua 1 council. The building and its exterior spaces will be covered with a security barrier to prevent municipal services from being disrupted during the various ceremonies. The cost of the works financed by the Inter-Communal Equipment and Intervention Fund (Feicom) is estimated at around CFAF 250 million.

This is a project that will ultimately further beautify the capital of the Lom-et-Djérem division, offer several services to the populations of the city but also increase the revenue of the municipality. The announcement of this project left no one indifferent. The chairman of the commission for major works of the Bertoua 1 council made a point of honor on the quality of the work to be carried out by the contracting companies. This work, as the mayor said, will generate income in the town’s coffers once the work is completed. This is a project that also responds to the municipality’s need for a high standard party hall worthy of the capital of the region of the rising sun, he said. For the representative of Feicom in the East, the main funder of this project, « the success in the realization of this work is the condition for the concession of other financing in the future. Because it is an infrastructure that must be able to generate revenue capable of enabling Mayor Olivier Crombell Bembell D’Ipack to meet other needs”.

Those in charge of public works and the control mission as one man placed an emphasis on respecting the specifications. Following them, the mayor wanted to be clear: “I will be rather harsh insofar as the contractual clauses will not be respected by the company or by the control mission. You must arrange for this contract to be executed according to Feicom standards, and on the regulations for public buildings”. The construction launch ceremony ended with a visit to the construction site of the structure. It should be remembered that this infrastructure, the work of which will be launched on August 11, 2021, is a project dating from 2018. It had caught the attention of Feicom, with a financing agreement in 2019. It is in 2020 that the project is validated.


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