Mayo-Darlé: Dadda Fadimatou mobilizes his troops

Mayo-Darlé: Dadda Fadimatou mobilizes his troops

During a meeting between the municipal executive and municipal staff, the mayor set the working bases for 2021.

It was the first general assembly on January 20, 2021, to the municipal executive of Mayo-Darlé to meet with municipal staff.  During the work chaired by the mayor, Dadda Fadimatou, taking stock of 2020 and projecting the activities of 2021 was the object of the meeting. Overall, the municipal executive is satisfied with the achievements of the year 2020. In addition, of other aspects will also have captured the attention of many throughout the past year.
Among other things, increased municipal revenues, the physical and financial execution of public investment projects whose works were delivered on time, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic which was a success thanks to the mobilization of partners, and, finally, the organization of a cultural festival as an apotheosis to close the activities for the year 2020. For the year 2021, after evaluation of resources, the municipal executive laid the foundations for management.  proximity in order to further optimize the municipality’s own resources.
Following the various interventions, the floor is given to the staff.  In turn, each presents the difficulties encountered in carrying out their mission, then presents some projects to be carried out during the year 2021.  Observations well taken into account by the municipal executive, which promises to make arrangements so that each staff can carry out its mission.
In the end, according to the participants in this first general assembly, « we are satisfied with the new dynamic driven by Dadda Fadimatou through his vision ».  The latter invited all staff to double their efforts to enable the municipality to achieve the multiple objectives it has set for itself for this year 2021.

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