Local governance: Perfect agreement between the mayor of Bafoussam 1 and the economic operators

Local governance: Perfect agreement between the mayor of Bafoussam 1 and the economic operators

Cyrille Nganang brought them together to get involved in the execution of the municipal budget.

This February 1, 2021, the municipal council of Bafoussam 1 invited the economic operators of his territorial jurisdiction to a working session.  It was a question not only of explaining to each other, the new finance law for 2021 but also to build them on the procedure of public procurement.  Cyrille Nganang also wanted to explain the new tax payment procedure to them.  To begin with, the mayor of Bafoussam 1 took stock of his achievements over the past year (2020).  He then presented his action plan for 2021. A year in which he plans to change the face of the city.This involves the construction of several bridges, the reshaping of several communication routes, the rehabilitation of several schools and health centers; but also, the mayor intends to support income-generating activities in the district of Bafoussam 1.  During the discussions, the head of the municipal executive will make a strong announcement, that of « the construction in the coming months of the building to house the town hall of the commune of Bafoussam I ».  A news received with joy by the guests present in the room.  « It is important that the council of Bafoussam 1 sets up new offices like other municipalitys”; for others, « the site on which we are presently is dilapidated and the announcement made by the mayor is welcome ».For almost all of the participants, « the town of Bafoussame 1 is the headquarters of regional institutions.  It is therefore important that the town hall reflects this image”.  As a unifier, Cyrille Nganang wishes the support of economic operators, traders, promoters of the  Bafoussam 1 council.  “Even though I am the head of the municipal executive, I admit having been carried to this post by the people and it is by working in common agreement and in close collaboration with these populations that we will succeed in achieving the objectives set for 2021”, concluded the mayor.

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