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ISO CERTIFICATIONS : Three Afriland First Bank branches distinguished

The General Surveillance Company of Cameroon has distinguished three of Afriland First Bank branches with ISO 9001-2015 certifications. It was during a ceremony organized in Yaoundé on December 12, in the presence of Youssoufa Bouba, the CEO of Afriland First Bank and Patricia Nzondjou, Sub-Regional Director of Central Africa.

The said branches are Bonanjo’s agencies in Douala, Hippodrome and the main Agency. The ISO 9001-2015 certification was issued by the Société générale de surveillance du Cameroun, a subsidiary of the SGS Group, created in 1848 and present in 140 countries around the world with more than 100,000 employees.

This standard recognizes the bank’s compliance with requirements set out in an international differentiated regime. « This certification testifies, if necessary, to the desire of the general management of Afriland First Bank to register in a sustainable and continuous way in the quality standards. This is for the sole purpose of customer satisfaction. Through this improvement of its quality management system, it will make it possible to stand out even more from its competitors and to gain market share »., said Patricia Nzondjou, Sub-Regional Director Central Africa, SGS.

The choice of these agencies was guided in particular “for the implementation of the quality management system within Afriland First Bank,” added Youssoufa Bouba, CEO of Afriland First Bank.

As part of the aim of obtaining this certification, it is planned to conduct annual follow-up audits of the Société générale de surveillance within these agencies for the period going from November 30, 2023 to November 29, 2026. The objective is to improve the quality of service for customers and partners within Afriland First Bank. « The scope of this certification covers our core business, in particular, the design, development and sale of banking services », said the Deputy General Manager.

Afriland first Bank thus wishes to put a point of honor in the quality of service of its customers, one of the reasons, undoubtedly, which allows it to be leader of the Cameroonian banking market. Indeed, for the past decade, Afriland First Bank has maintained a positive dynamic observed in all segments. In 2022, for example, the bank headed by Célestin Guela recorded a net profit of 22.1 billion FCFA. This profit is an increase of 20.6 %, compared to that of the year 2021.

Afriland Bank’s total balance sheet is experiencing an increase of 18.3 % year-on-year, amounting to 1,768.8 billion FCFA. The banking institution also has 19.2 % of the market share in terms of collecting bank deposits in Cameroon at the end of December 2022.

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