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FINANCE : Thierry Mbimi, New Director General of Internal Audit at Ecobank

[abelainfo] - Pan-African banking group Ecobank, based in Togo, recently announced the appointment of Thierry Mbimi as the new Director General of Internal Audit. With extensive experience in auditing, risk management, and a strong expertise in technology, Mbimi is a promising choice to strengthen the bank’s internal operations.

On March 20, 2024, Ecobank, the pan-African banking group operating from its headquarters in Lomé, Togo, unveiled a series of new executive directors. Among these is Thierry Mbimi, originally from Cameroon, who was recruited by Ecobank after serving as Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer for Central Africa at the audit and consulting firm KPMG.

Thierry Mbimi’s impressive professional journey within Ecobank is highlighted by the group itself. Prior to his current appointment, he held several key positions within the organization, including Associate and Director of Financial Risk Management in West Africa, Senior Associate for the Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Services sector, and Senior Associate for Worldwide Services at the African Development Bank.

Thierry Mbimi’s has accumulated 27 years experience in the industry and consulting, with 17 years in leadership positions. With this appointment, Ecobank has high expectations for Mbimi, who will leverage his extensive international experience in auditing and risk management, as well as his strong expertise in technology.

As the Director General of Internal Audit, Thierry Mbimi will play a key role in strengthening Ecobank’s internal operations. His in-depth auditing experience will ensure that the bank’s internal processes adhere to the highest standards of governance and transparency. Furthermore, his profound knowledge of financial risks and ability to manage them effectively will contribute to reinforcing Ecobank’s stability and financial strength.

Thierry Mbimi’s strong background in technology will also be a valuable asset for Ecobank. As the banking sector rapidly evolves towards digital solutions and technological innovations, it will be crucial for the bank to leverage these advancements to enhance its services and provide a premier customer experience. Mbimi’s appointment reflects Ecobank’s commitment to remain at the forefront of digital transformation in the African banking sector.

In summary, Thierry Mbimi’s appointment as the Director General of Internal Audit at Ecobank is an important step in strengthening the bank’s internal operations. His extensive auditing experience, effective risk management, and technological expertise make him an ideal choice to play a key role in the continued growth and stability of Ecobank.

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